Expert by Chance

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a woman I know from my sons' preschool.  I could tell she was nervous and upset.

It turns out that she has a good friend whose sweet little three-year-old son was just diagnosed with a rare tumor in his stomach. She was calling to get advice from me on what she and a group of the woman's friends could do to help her family.

Now, first I have to say how much I admire this mom for calling me, a woman with whom she's never had a conversation longer than two sentences.  I'm inspired by the love she must have for her friend to step out of her comfort zone and contact me without knowing how I'd react.

Secondly, I have to say how much my heart breaks again and again when I hear stories of someones precious child falling victim to the cancer beast.

And thirdly, I have to say how much it sucks being considered an "expert" in this field.

I'd rather be considered an expert in anything other than having a child with cancer. 

Like maybe fine wines or high fashion or French cuisine.  I'd even rather be an expert in the mating rituals of the elusive mandarin fish than in dealing with childhood cancer.

But as much as I hate it, I never hesitate to give advice or my phone number or my e-mail address.  I do it because I know in my heavy heart that yet another mommy is becoming an expert on the cancer beast, not by choice, but by horrible chance.

Prayers for Lucas and his family


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