Goal Envy

So I've had this goal for a while now to run completely around the lake near my house.  I'm not going to embarrass myself by saying how small this lake is; in fact, I've run more miles on my treadmill than the miles around the lake.

That said, I'm not really an outdoor runner.  Never have been.  But I've decided once and for all that I'd kind of like to run a 5 or 10k in the fall.

There, I said it. You're all my witnesses.  I expect you to hold me to it.

So today, I did it!  I ran all the way around the lake!  With a little help from Joey, that is.

I read somewhere that people who have an exercise goal should visualize meeting that goal for someone they love.  Since this weekend is my city's Cure Search walk for pediatric cancer, and I can't be there as I'm co-hosting my sister's out-of-town wedding shower, I ran for Joey today. Every time I got that stitch in my side and wanted to stop, the one that forced me to walk on every one of my high school soccer team conditioning runs, I thought of Joey and pressed on.

In fact, I thought of Hubby and the other boys, too.  And some math:

>out of shape mom+unhappy and depressed mom=bad mom+unhappy family<

So, therefore, I ran not only to meet my goal, but I ran with all of them in mind, too.  And any excuses previously in my mind were gone.

Sure, I was slow.  Sure the lawn service workers pausing to let me pass sat and had a snack and checked their watches four times before they could continue trimming the grass by the curb, but at least I did it!

I can let go of my "goal envy"...for now.  I'll have to see how many more times I can consistently make it around the lake again before I set another goal. 

But it feels good.

My legs, however, as I walked up the hill to my house, felt like jelly.

Oh well, at least I can have some cake at the shower this weekend while I recover for Monday's run.

Do you have any goals for yourself this summer?

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