Guest Post: My Dad - The Best Dad and Grandpa Ever!

By: Stephanie Young

My dad had somewhat of an unpleasant upbringing.  His mom died when he was a teenager, his dad drank a lot and he had no siblings to lean on for support. Fortunately, he met my mom at a young age.  That was one bright spot in the midst of a difficult childhood.

When he grew up and had kids of his own, he made up for what he didn’t have as a child.  Or, that’s how I see it, anyway.  Not having much of a family network as a kid, he, with my mom, built a very strong support system for my brother and me.  He was always there for us.  He always put us first.

He now has two grown kids, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, five grandsons and is still married to my mom.  He puts the well being of those ten people before his own.  He has always put the needs of his family first.  The fact that the family has continued to grow through the years hasn’t changed this fact.

Even though I’m now pushing 40, I still lean very heavily on my dad – particularly given the fact that my husband travels so much for work.  He helps to cart my kids around when I am in a bind.  He comes over to throw salt down on the icy driveway when my husband is away.  When my mom makes extra food, he always brings us the leftovers so that I can take a night off from cooking.  He runs to the store for me when I realize, mid-recipe and covered in flour, that I have no vanilla extract in the house.

More importantly, my dad gives me emotional support. When I feel a panic attack coming on, he is my first phone call.  He knows how to calm me down better than anyone else.  That is why he is listed first in my “favorites” in my cell address book (sorry hubs, but you hold the number two spot).

He’s not just a great dad, he’s a great grandpa (not a great grandpa as in his grandkids have kids; a great grandpa as in an awesome grandpa).  My boys absolutely love him.  My 7-year old even thinks of him his best friend. 

My dad brings them goodie bags when they’re sick. He goes to just about all of their sporting events (between soccer, baseball, basketball and taekwondo, we have a TON of sporting events in our family).  He is always looking for an excuse to come over and spend time with the boys.  He frequently takes them out for breakfast before school.  He always calls them before an important event to wish them luck AND after to see how they made out.  He gets them fresh strawberries from their favorite fruit stand.  He gets down on their level and plays with them. Given all that, it’s really no surprise they love hanging with grandpa so much!

Because my dad plays a very active role in my family’s lives, most of my friends know and think very highly of him.  I can’t tell you how many times someone has said to me something along the lines of, “your dad is the best grandpa,” or “your dad is such a nice man,” or “your dad is so helpful.” I hear comments like that all the time.  Whey my dad had four eye surgeries (yes four) last summer, so many of my friends called and emailed me to see how he was doing.  Even now, almost a year later, I still get regular inquiries into the health of my dad’s eyes.

We are very grateful for my dad.  His childhood may have been less than perfect, but he is the perfect father figure for my family.

It should be noted that I also have an amazing mother.  But this isn’t about mom. It’s about dad.  It is Father’s Day, after all.    

You can read more from Steph at her blog, The Healthy Mom and on Britely.
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