Here and There, Talking About This and That

I used to think I had no voice. I used to think what I said didn't matter. I used to think that no one was hurting like I was. I used to think no one would care.

You know what's so interesting about the blogging community? It has given me, and countless other women, a voice. It has connected us to other women who feel the same way we feel, who have had the same experiences that we have had, and it has let them know that they are not alone.

Just at a time I think that it doesn't matter what I write or if I write or if anyone is even reading what I write, someone makes a comment that connects me to her. Someone wants to hear my story. Someone tells me hers.

I used to feel totally alone in what I was going through, and now I know we all have our burdens to bear. But when we share, it makes them that much easier to bear.

Today I am guest posting for JD at Honest Mom. I have been following her for a while. She is a very talented blogger who writes about raising her two daughters, struggling with depression, working mom issues and more. She's real, interesting, funny, and introspective. I know you'll like her as much as I do. Check out the rest of her blog and give her some love.

In my Her View From Home post this week, I am talking about a mom club. No, not soccer moms or dance moms, not PTA moms or cheer moms. I'm talking about cancer moms. It's the club nobody wanted to join, but we're holding strong regardless.

Remember, it's still Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Read this for some ideas on how you can help families facing this beast.

And thanks for following me here and there and listening to me talk about this and that. If you're new to kissing the frog - WELCOME! I'm glad you're here. You can find me on Facebook, too where I'll always let you know about this and that.
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