Real Food

I have four little boys, and sometimes they say the funniest things. I will share those with you, and hopefully you will think they are funny, too.

So my first thought comes from this guy:
Four-year-old Lil' C

A looong time ago I wrote about his food issues, which haven't changed much unfortunately. His diet pretty much consists of anything that is salty and crunchy. Plus milk. Thank goodness for milk.

Scene: Preschool pick-up

Me: How was school Buddy?

C: It was great! (This is the kid who, on the first day of school, got out of the car proclaiming, "Hello rocks, hello trees, hello school, I'm baaaack!")

Me: What'd you have for snack?

C: Crackers with cheese in them. Yuck!

Me: Oh, you didn't try them? (Duh!)

C: No way. There was cheese in them. Cheese is real food. I don't eat real food.

Me: Who says you don't eat real food? You eat bacon. That's real food. (And I use that term loosely when I speak of bacon.)

C: Bacon is not real food. It's a carb!

Me: It is too real food. It's made out of the same thing as hot dogs and ham.

Pause . . .

C: Oh.

End scene.

He probably still won't eat cheese, but maybe he won't eat so much bacon anymore either now that he knows that it's "real food."
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