Leave the Baby, Take the Pie

Have you ever thought about how often you choose yourself over everyone else in your life? Or is it not even a choice? Do you even remember the last time you put your own needs before anyone else's? Or is that even possible when you're a mom?
Last year on Thanksgiving, my husband got a rare treat – a gluten free apple pie. He had waited a long time to find one of his classic favorites, and was looking forward to more pie in the week after the holiday.
When we arrived home that night after a day of hopping from this relative’s house to that relative’s house, as usual, everyone piled out of the car leaving me to bring all their junk inside.

I was tired, and I just wanted to get it all in one trip. With a twenty pound baby carrier in the crook of my arm, a diaper bag over one shoulder and a purse over the other, I scooped up my family’s treasures and headed into the house with the pie balanced precariously in one hand.

And of course, in no time flat . . .read the rest of this post on Her View From Home.
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