Time Flies . . .For Real

I took both of these pictures. The one on the left is of my nephew. I took it in about 1994, and jokingly titled it "Mr. December 2012."

The one on the right I took of Baby E yesterday. I put it on Facebook as "The Sexiest Man Alive 2032."

The little boy on the left is now 20 years old. He is tall and strapping and handsome and sweet and smart.

Wasn't it just yesterday, though, that he was a toddler clomping around in his grandpa's boots? It seems like it was.

I am going to blink, and my little boy on the right is going to be a tall, strapping, handsome, smart young man.

But Time, can you do me a favor and not fly by so fast? I want to enjoy "The Cutest Toddler Alive 2012" for just a bit longer.

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