It's Because They're Boys!

This is a story about how one little game of "I Spy" got way out of control simply because I live in a house of all males.

So it's after dinner last night, and for some reason my five-year-old, Lil' C, announces, "Let's play I Spy!"

When Lil' C plays I Spy, the rules are very simple: find something that is a certain color and everyone guesses. It's usually something right in front of him.

So, we start playing I Spy. And it's going well.

Until things got . . .silly.

Someone said they spied something that was white. And very quietly, nine-year-old Slim comes up and suggests an answer, "My farts?"

Everyone explodes in laughter, because after all, they are boys (And me, I laughed, too. What? Don't judge.).

So after that, every answer started with, "My farts."

Now, you must know, this has long been a taboo word at our house. For years, we did not say the "F" word. We said "toot."

I blame Nickelodeon and all the crude, rude shows that we've asked the boys not to watch, but they sneak and watch them anyway while I am blogging taking care of the baby.

So, anyway, Lil' C decides he is going to jump on the humor bandwagon, so he strips from the waist down. And then his standard answer to every I Spy color is, "My butt," which he turns and shows us all.

The "B" word has long been yet another taboo word in our house. We say "bottom" instead.

So, you get three boys, ages 9, 7, and 5, who know they are using taboo words, but yet Mom and Dad are laughing anyway and hilarity ensues.

"I spy something that is red."

"My farts?"

"My butt!"

Then Hubby says, "Not your butt unless I spank it!"

So now the biggest boy is joining in.

Daddy: "What is creamy white?" Everyone guesses to no avail. His answer? "Lil' C's butt!"

And I am washing dishes and crying I am laughing so hard. But I did manage to give the speech about "what-happens-at-home-stays-at-home." I don't need the teachers cornering me about my boys' potty mouths.

I have tried so hard to make them polite young men.

It's clear they are simply just boys.

Don't EVEN get me started on how many times we've
discussed that Puffy Cheetos are not real food.

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