Tuesday Truth ~ What's Your Anchor?

As I mentioned yesterday, I spoke at a women's conference this weekend. The speaker I shared a room with, who spoke after me, spoke about weight loss and motivation (ironic, huh?).

Erin Pearson is also a writer for Her View From Home. Now she writes devotions on Sundays, but when she first started she was writing about healthy living and her 50 pound weight loss. Her presentation was about how she finally made the decision to get healthy when her weight hit 205 pounds and she couldn't find anything to wear to a funeral.

She talked over and over about how she felt like her outside never matched her inside. I understand this. Sometimes I still feel like the tiny person I used to be, and then I look at pictures and don't recognize myself.

She talked about when she was only 14 pounds away from her goal weight, she still felt like she was 205 pounds. I get that. I get that we are never quite happy with ourselves, and that every woman has something about herself that she'd like to change.

She also talked about her anchor. She does Weight Watchers, and according to the program, an anchor is anything that makes you happy and motivates you to lose weight. Erin chose a bracelet that represented an upcoming trip to the beach with her family. She didn't take it off the whole time, and still keeps it with her to remind herself to stay on track. After all, she said, she is worth it.

She was very motivating, and I started to think about how I am worth it, too. I am worth it to myself and my family. There is a little person inside of me who wants to be healthy again. She just needs to be reminded to keep making the small tweaks in her life - sleeping when tired, exercising most days, making healthy food choices.

I'm an older mom (43 next month!). I don't want to think of my life as half over. I want to think that the best half is yet to come!

I wear a ring every day that says "Joey." It never leaves my finger. I think it would be an insult to his beautiful memory if I keep treating myself like shit. I've decided, as my anchor, alongside my Joey ring, I am going to wear my Mother's ring that Hubby gave me.

Funny story: after I had Lil' C, Hubby gave me a beautiful Mother's ring. As soon as he gave it to me, instead of saying how much I loved it, I blurted out, "Does this mean we're done having babies?!" Anyway, one more baby, and the ring had to be redone.

So now, along with my Joey ring, it will be my anchor to remind me that I have 7 people for whom I need to be healthy - Hubby, Slim, Knox, Lil' C, Baby E, Joey, and Me.

My weight and body have not changed, but my habits haven't either.

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What would your anchor be?
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