Tuesday Truth~My Plan to Get Healthy

The warmer weather of late has made me realize something: shorts weather is coming! And after that? Swimsuit weather! In eight weeks! AAAAHHHHHHH!

Do you feel like that, too? Please say it's not just me.

I have been talking about this for a while now - this post. . .and this one . . .and this one from a long time ago. But I have not done a thing about getting healthy. There are so many factors facing me right now that tell me this is the time I should start. I feel sluggish and unhappy, my pretty spring clothes don't fit, I hate the way I'm looking in pictures; and when I feel all these ways, I'm not a very good mom, wife, friend, person.

I think the reason I've been all talk and no action is that I've had nothing and no one keeping me accountable. But, as I said, shorts and swimsuit season is looming. That's the thing. And the one keeping me accountable is you.

Yep, you there, reading this in your p.j.s or sitting in your car waiting to pick your little one up from school. Even you eating the M&Ms. I need you!

So Tuesday Truth is born. Every week I will tell you how I am doing, what I am doing, what I am eating, how my quest to get healthy is going, and yes . . .how much I weigh. EEEK! I will also highlight healthy snacks and meals I have found, exercises I like, and tips I can share. My hope is that maybe some of us can complete this journey together.

Hubby would say that I shouldn't try to change everything at once, that I'll only fail as I have in the past. True, but I need to have a big picture with smaller goals to work toward.

I know that I need to:

1. Go to bed when I am tired. When I'm tired, I don't feel like exercising. When I am staying up trying to do something, I nosh on unhealthy stuff. When I stay up, I don't get anything done anyway. And, it makes Hubby upset when I fall asleep on the couch.

2. Make an effort to exercise most days of the week. I'm shooting for at least five days. I have no excuse. I have a treadmill in my basement, a shelf full of fitness DVDs, fitness equipment, a gym membership, and a binder full of exercises pulled from fitness magazines.

3. Stretch or do a little yoga every night. It really does help me sleep better.

4. Start eating like an adult who cares about her health. Honestly, I'm embarrassed by some of the things I eat, and the quantities. I'm not saying I'm going to completely diet and cut out things I love (life is too short for that), but I need to be sensible.

5. Stay on my Lexapro. Yes, it's supposed to make you gain weight; however, when I'm not on it, I don't care if I eat healthy, and I don't feel like exercising. I am keeping myself on a low, steady dose for now.

6. Be accountable. (Here is my first tip) I downloaded the free app My Fitness Pal several months ago. It is an app for your smartphone or computer that you use to track your food and fitness. In the past I have resisted writing any kind of food diary. It's time intensive and who was going to see it anyway? I could lie!

With My Fitness Pal, many foods and exercises are already in the system, all I have to do is search for what I want. You can also scan barcodes on food with your phone (although, I haven't figured that out yet), and it uploads the information.

Also, you can have friends following you and keeping you accountable. Gotta love that! I friended one of my great friends and fellow Her View From Home writer Sanae, Zumba queen and great motivator.

I did spend a lot of time logging my food yesterday, but you know what? I really watched what I ate because I didn't want to have to log every little morsel. I'm so used to picking off everyone's food and snacks, noshing while I cook, and snacking mindlessly. I didn't do that, and I made sure I exercised. I felt great and had a lot of energy right until the end of the day. (And I even had enough calories left over for a tiny piece of leftover Easter cake - score!).

I'm ready to do this. If you're thinking you need a little extra motivation and want to join me on this journey, I would love to have you. If you download My Fitness Pal, send me a request. My user name is Glowmom5. Send me a message or shout-out on Facebook and let me know you sent me a request.

I weighed myself this morning, and I weigh 148. I know I shouldn't be so concerned about the number on the scale or the number inside my clothes, but knowing this gives me something to work toward. It's eight weeks to Memorial Day. I'd like to lose at least eight pounds by then and start to feel better in my clothes.

I hope some of you will join me. Share in the comments what your get-healthy goals are. I've created a Pinterest board to share healthy tips and fitness tricks. I hope you'll follow it. Until next Tuesday when the truth comes out again . . .

P.S. I was not compensated to talk about or use My Fitness Pal. My friend was using it, so I thought I would try it.
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