International Bereaved Mother's Day

I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. I dreamed of a houseful of little children that I could care for, play with, teach, hug, enjoy. And just love.

My very first Mother's Day never came to fruition. I was due to deliver our first baby on Mother's Day 2003, but I lost that baby 6 weeks into the pregnancy.

From 2004 to 2008, there would be happy Mothers' Days filled with so many hugs, so much laughter, and infinite amounts of joy.

But in 2009, that all changed.

You see, a month earlier, we learned that one of our precious sons would die - a tumor raging in his small brain would take him from us.

In 2010, I prayed, I pleaded with the powers that be to not let Joey die on Mother's Day. I knew the rest of my Mother's Days would be marred by the ghost of a child taken before me. I didn't want it to happen on that day.

Joey died in my arms on June 10, 2010 after battling almost 14 months. I think about him every day, so many times a day.

So now, I am not only a mother who is loving and teaching and hugging and caring for living children, but I am a mother who is remembering and grieving a child who has died.

And my heart aches for other mothers who are grieving as well. Grieving the loss of a pregnancy, a  stillborn baby, an infant, a toddler, a small child, or even an adult child who wasn't supposed to go before her.

In a moment during which I should be overjoyed, I am overcome.Mothers Day CarlyMarie

Sunday May 5th is International Bereaved Mother's Day. This is a day to honor the mothers who are not able to celebrate with their child, but still deserve to be honored. Let's #BreaktheSilence


For more about International Bereaved Mothers Day, please be sure to visit the CarlyMarie Project.



To honor the bereaved mothers, including myself, several bloggers have joined together to host a linkup. We encourage anyone who has suffered a loss of a baby or a child to link your story. Share your grief. Or how you have healed. You can share successes and how you have moved on or dealt with your loss. It can be an old post or a new post, or several posts if you have more than one you'd like to contribute.

This is our opportunity to share what is in our hearts. Our day to share with other mothers who understand and for those who may not have experienced this to read a little more into our hearts. #BreaktheSilence

Please be sure to visit the co-hosts!







Beautiful Mothers

Beautiful Mothers

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