Around the Pond with the Frog~Week Ending 7/14/13

      It's hard to believe the summer is halfway over already! As usual, we are stalling out here. I haven't done nearly half the things with the boys or on my personal list as I have wanted.
      It was a really slow week for me here on the blog, too:

    • Wednesday, I was at Her View From Home talking about how attitudes are contagious.
    • Thursday, I talked about my boys - or one in particular - defending himself.
    • My latest post on Mamalode is called Mommy's Little Healer. If you haven't read it yet, please do. It's the story of how Edgie (formerly Baby E) helped to heal my grief after Joey's death.

    There were a variety of things that I loved from some of my favorite bloggers:
    • This tattoo story from Dani at Cloudy With a Chance of Wine made me laugh. I think I dodged that bullet years ago.
    • Every once and a while, I need a reminder of what is important. Shawnelle from Family Grace with My Five Sons does that for me. I know I found her blog for a reason, and here is a wonderful reminder.
    • I loved this hilarious update of how summer is going for Bethany of I Love Them the Most When They're Sleeping. It's funny because it's true.

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    And finally, come back tomorrow for a HUGE giveaway!! I mean awesomely massive - like, all the cool bloggers are doing it, and they let me play along huge. Just so I don't look like a nerd, come back and enter to win, okay? Please???

    Resume your regularly scheduled fun.

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