So How's YOUR Summer Going?

Hot on the heels of a twenty minute lecture on behavior and getting along with our siblings, I'm wondering how the summer is going for everyone else? Are you surviving time with the kids? Are you simply loving time with the kids?

Have you run out of stuff to do? Or did you flip the calendar over and say, "Oh, snap, it's already after the Fourth of July. The summer's almost over! (For those of us in the Midwest who go back to school insanely early, that is."

Today on Her View From Home, I pondered what it is about summertime attitudes that are contagious. The bad and the good. When we're all happy and having fun, it's totally catching.

Likewise - unfortunately - so are the bad moods.

One is so much easier to choose than the other, but the other has a much better outcome for us all.

Read the whole post, Mirrors Reflect the Dark and the Light, on Her View From Home.

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