You Can Help a Grieving Family

Today I was going to post the second installment of my Grief Series. It was a story of how a day that was once special for a couple, is now tainted by a cancer diagnosis.

My sweet friend Courtney of Our Small Moments is a lovely writer, brilliant photographer, and caring wife, mother and teacher. She is also a very strong woman who stood by her husband as he battled a rare form of cancer for almost nine months.

Today, she is burying her husband, and out of respect for her, I am holding off on her post.

It is a time like this that those of us who care about someone who is suffering so much want to do something to take that pain away. We want to stuff it into a bottle, cork it tightly, and set it afloat in a vast sea until it is far, far away from the people we love.

I know from personal experience that little anyone does can truly take that deep, horrible grief away.

Sometimes, though, we can do other things - things that will help lesson a burden and bring momentary relief from the stress of a now single parent.

A group of bloggers and I have started a fund to help Courtney pay for her husband Scott's medical bills. Can you help? Even as little as $5 will go toward making life a little less stressful for Courtney so that she can focus on healing and holding her two young children tight.

Go to Scott's page on Give Forward (right here) and click the Give Now button. Your payment is secure and you can choose any amount. It's that easy. Seeing how many people have already donated assures me that the world is really made up of good, caring people who believe that helping others can one day help themselves.

This beautiful and tender moment was captured by Courtney. For more of her powerful images - both words and pictures, visit her blog.
And whether or not you donated, I know you will pray and send positive vibes for strength and healing for this young family. Thank you, friends.

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