French Toast Clothing Review and Giveaway

The following is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my review, but the opinions are my own. 

One of the things I have always loved about attending private school is that we had to wear uniforms. Yes, I know that makes me sound crazy; but I didn't grow up in a family where there was a lot of extra money left over for new outfits. Wearing a uniform was easy and affordable.

Now, my sons go to private school; and yes, there is a dress code. They wear blue shorts or pants and a white polo-style shirt. Now, you may think that because I have all boys and they are boys, that clothing wouldn't be a concern. While it is nice to be able to pass clothing down from one to the other because they generally don't care; it has been tricky when it comes to uniforms.

For the longest time, my oldest two sons were a slim and a husky. When my third son started school, I had no regular pants for him, so I had to buy new. The pants that I could use again were so faded or had holes in the knees (again, boys), that I had to buy new ones anyway.

And let's talk white shirts. It may seem that I could just bleach away any stains and reuse shirts ad nauseum, but it doesn't work that way. Grass stains and marker and pencil and pen and the school's spaghetti sauce and chocolate milk (seriously, why do schools even offer chocolate milk?) were causing the shirts to become a dull shade of gray rather than the bright white I'd be proud to have them wear.

Trips to bargain stores for inexpensive polos and pants were just yielding more trips the next year. The clothing didn't hold up well, and the husky sizes for my second son didn't quite fit him like I'd hoped.

Then, someone told me about FrenchToast.com, and now I never stress about school clothes for my boys. Their motto is "comfort that lasts," and they are not kidding about that. Just this morning, one of my sons actually changed the shirt he was wearing because he saw that I had washed his French Toast shirts. "Mom, I like the soft ones better." You can't argue with that. Plus, they hold their shape better than some of the other brands - even expensive on-line retailers.

Both shirts are the same size in husky, yet the
French Toast shirt has held it's shape and color
much better. 

A husky shirt shouldn't shrink that much in length - it will never cover what it needs to cover. His French Toast shirts are soft and retain their shape. He will pick them first over all the other shirts in his closet.

Plus, they offer, regular, slim, and husky sizing. Their pants come in adjustable waist and pull-on styles (important for my preschooler who wears a uniform as well), and the girls' styles have several offerings - skinny stretch, pleated, jegging, Bermuda, boot-cut, and so much more!

Honestly, you guys, French Toast is not just for those who wear uniforms. If you are looking for quality clothing in a variety of styles and colors and at a decent price, you really should check out French Toast. Here is the long and short of it:

  • Girls and boys sizes from 2T to young adult.
  • Slim, plus, and husky sizes.
  • Variety of clothing from blouses to knit polos, pants and shorts in several styles, fits and colors, outerwear and active wear, accessories, and even socks and underwear. 
  • Graphic tees, seasonal dresses, and shoes.
  • Sale pricing and clearance.
  • School logos available and participation in a school fundraising program. 
  • 50 wash tested and power knees. :)
  • Easy ordering and no-hassle returns. 
You really need to look no further to outfit your children for school whether they wear uniforms or not. This clothing is great for school, every day, or special occasions like church services or weddings. 

All of these found on FrenchToast.com. 

Check out FrenchToast.com and see for yourself. Today I found items as low as $2.99 ranging as high as twenty-plus dollars. It always seems like there is an offer of free shipping or 20% off an item in your order. I can never go wrong with French Toast

And because I love it so much, I am partnering with them to bring a giveaway to you! French Toast is offering one bottom and two tops of your choice to one lucky winner. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below and cross your fingers. Open to residents of the United States. Contest ends 12:00 a.m. October 15. 

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When Will the Light Turn Green?

Joey was always kind of an impatient kid. Everything had to be NOW - "look at me now" "feed me now" "notice me now". It was just as cute as it was annoying.

Shortly after he got sick, he developed this habit of demanding that stoplights turn green. We'd be on the way to preschool or to the hospital for an appointment when a red light would stop us.

"When will the light turn green?" He'd ask.
When you are GRIEVING it's okay to MOVE AHEAD.

"I don't know," I'd answer, "we just have to wait for it."

True to his impatient nature, he'd keep asking, "When will the light turn green? When will the light turn green? When will the light turn green?"

One time, on the second request, the light actually turned green.

After that, it became sort of a game to see how many times he would have to say it until the light would turn green.

As Joey grew sicker and weaker, the game became more agonizing to me. I could hear his little weak voice in the back seat of the car asking when the light would turn green and we could move the car ahead. I would be in the front seat wondering when our personal nightmare would be over and we could move ahead with our lives.

And I hated that. I hated that impatience with my own son's illness and impending death. I wanted to drink in every moment, slow time so that I would have him for as long as I could. But the end outcome was a reality that I could not simply drive away from.

So instead of stopping to look around, enjoying the delay, I just wanted to get moving. I was miserably stuck in my own grief and agony, and I just wanted to be able to move ahead.

There are so many times in the life that grief stops us in our tracks. Some are known to us: birthdays, holidays, special days, crapiversaries. Others blindside us in the most cruel ways: the message from someone with the story just like ours, the babies that we learned died after birth, the post on Facebook that punched us in the gut, a random story line on our favorite television show.

They turn the light red again, and we have to wait and wonder when the light will turn green again and we can continue on our forward path to healing.

"Grief is a road with many twists and turns. It has stops and starts and detours that we can't anticipate. There is no endpoint, no final destination. Over the next hill there is another; and around the next curve is another sharp turn. The best we can do is to keep moving ahead, keep traveling the road. Take in the scenery, even when the light is red. Have confidence in the fact that the light will turn green again and you can continue moving ahead."

Joey knew that no light ever stays red. He was also one not to wallow too long in any sort of misery. He wanted all the lights to be green.

And they are, even when we're grieving. We just need to accept the fact that it's okay to GO. You don't have to wait. It's okay to move ahead. 

I move ahead every day, even when it's hard, even when moving ahead feels just like marching in place.

I can always hear him, though. I hear Joey in my head saying, "When will the light turn green?"

And I know it's okay to go.

This QUOTE about GRIEF talks about the ROAD we travel. Even when GRIEVING green means GO.

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