Grief Stories

Much of this blog is centered around our family's grief over the loss of our precious Joey to cancer. Many people assume when people speak of grief, that it pertains to the loss of a person.

But grief can take many forms. One person's loss and devastation can be so different from the next.

A very wise person once said to me, "Life is one long process of grieving. We begin by grieving the loss of possessions and relationships, and we move toward grieving the loss of people or of our own physical or mental abilities that were once so natural. We grieve the loss of dreams and a former way of life.

This is the natural progression of grief and one that is to be expected as we navigate through our lives.
But there is also unnatural grief, and this is perhaps the hardest to accept. Sudden, gut-wrenching, life-altering grief - like a fatal accident or a fatal heart attack. Or slow, torturing grief that cannot have a good outcome. Like terminal cancer.
Nobody gets out of this life without experiencing grief. The one guarantee in this life is that you WILL experience grief in some way. We can't change this, but we all must find a way to live with it."

My purpose in launching *Grief Stories is to share writers who have worked through their grief and pain, and have come out the other side with hope, healing and inspiration. If just one person reads these stories and finds comfort, it will make a difference.

*No longer accepting submissions. 

Grief Stories:

Healing in Pieces by Meredith of Mom of the Year (parent loss)

Our Favorite Date by Courtney of Our Small Moments (spouse illness)

The Rollercoaster by Kelly of My Twice Baked Potato (adoption loss)

The Light Has Gone Out of My Life by Trish of TrishWriter11 (divorce)

The Letter She Will Never Read by Kelly of DeBie Hive (death of a friend)

Grief . . .of a Different Kind by Joy of Evil Joy Speaks (spouse illness)

Waves of Grief by Lizzi of Considerings (miscarriage)

You Quickened My Heartbeat by Stacey of Nurse Mommy Laughs (full term pregnancy loss)

Kids Say the Darndest Things by Jamie of Halfway Between Hopes and Dreams (child loss)

One Loss; One Diagnosis - Double the Grief by Emily of Oh Boy Mom (parent loss, childhood illness)

Sundays with Leonard by Anna of Random Handprints (loss of elderly friend)

Will I Ever Be Ready? by Jessica of Domestic Pirate (deciding when to be done having babies) 

A Tale of Whys and What-Ifs by Sharon of Finding Vanilla Octopus (friendship loss)

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