The Gift of Time

I have always wished for more hours in the day.  There is never enough time to get done what I need and want to do.  In fact if I added it all up, I would need about 34 hours in every day.  And that's just a conservative estimate:

5 hours=quality time spent with each member of my family
3 hours=time spent cooking and eating meals
1 hour=exercise
2 hours=showering, getting ready, primping
1 hour=laundry
1 hour=taking boys to and from school and practices
3 hours=nursing baby and feeding him baby food
2 hours=time spent cleaning and tidying up house
3 hours=time spent running errands, grocery shopping
1 hour=talking to other mamas (this is purely for research, comparison, additional information)
2 hours=time spent reading and sending e-mail, searching the web and blogging
2 hours=watching t.v.
8 hours=sleeping

Today, we are actually given the gift of time.  Twenty-four whole extra hours.  What a dream.  If I could spend them any way I wanted, this is what I would do:
  • Two words - SPA DAY!  An entire day of massage, mani/pedi, facial, beauty goddess goodness.
  • Have a long lunch with my girlfriends sans children.
  • Spend time with each of my sons individually and do anything they chose.
  • Spend time with Hubby, maybe in the hot tub or at our favorite restaurant.
  • Read glossy magazines and all the 99 cent books I've downloaded to my Kindle.
  • Take all the time I want at the gym.
  • Take a long nap without little boys appearing at my bedside asking me what I'm doing.
  • Spend the day writing and reading blogs.
  • Take a cooking or photography class.
  • Shop in all the little boutiques I've been dying to check out.
Unfortunately, though, today is going to be just another day.  The boys need to be taken to and from school, meals need to be made, and the laundry isn't going to do itself.  I usually take Wednesday afternoons to work on writing projects, but I may have to take two little boys to the doctor instead.

The one thing I do get time for today is my monthly girls' night out, which is always fun.  Baby E always has to tag along though, so I can't go totally crazy.

But the twenty-four extra hours are there.  Maybe I could spend them reflecting on all the blessings I have in my life:
  1. A loving, generous, supportive, funny husband.
  2. An 8 y.o. with a personality so unique that I am amazed by the thinks his mind thinks.
  3. A 6 y.o. who loves helping mommy and his brothers.
  4. A 4 y.o. who makes us laugh with his combination of cuteness and coolness.
  5. A baby who was an unexpected blessing.
  6. Five years' time with a special child who taught me so much.
  7.  My good health.
  8. My wonderful friends.
  9. A close knit family of in-laws.
  10. A great relationship with my parents.
  11. A brother and sister who would do anything for me.
  12. A roof over my head.
  13. Food on my table.
  14. Stylish clothes on my back.
  15. A college degree on my wall.
  16. A car to drive.
  17. Medical insurance.
  18. The opportunity to continue learning.
  19. The opportunity to give my sons an excellent private education.
  20. The ability to travel.
  21. A vacation home.
  22. Televisions, telephones, computers and a Kindle Fire.
  23. A kind-hearted, loving nanny for my children and support person for me.
  24. Lexapro.
Twenty-four hours...no matter how we chose to or have to spend them, they are there, giving us the gift of time.

How will you spend your Leap Year day?

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