Guest Posts: Dads Gone Too Soon

My Dad
By: Cindy

My Dad was one of the hardest workers I have ever known. He was a police officer for many years. My Dad saw some gruesome things on the job, but he also made a difference in many people's lives.  After my dad's passing, my mom received many letters and cards from people telling her different ways my Dad affected their lives.  He never told anyone when he was approached for help by families; he just quietly did whatever he could to help.

He was like this with all of his children and grandchildren as well.  We could always count on him. He was supportive of us even when we made mistakes or got into trouble (and with five girls there was lots of that plus tears). I remember the pastor from the catholic grade school we attended (thanks to my parents sacrificing) teasing my Dad about buying some nice ladders so we could all elope!  My dad never showed favoritism. Well, not exactly; but he sure was happy when my brother, his only son, came along after us five girls.

He loved us all dearly, but none more than my Mom.  He loved her unconditionally.  He always held a second job so that my Mom could stay home with all six of us kids.

My dad was, and still is, a great role model for all of us.  We lost our beautiful Dad in April of 2008, and he is missed by many every single day.  Father's day is bittersweet for me.  I have a wonderful husband who adores me (I don't understand why most days) and is so much like my Dad with his kind, gentle, hardworking ways....but I always have a void in my heart missing my Dad.

*          *         *

Missing My Dad
By: Diane

My Dad was a wonderful man who was cheated out of many things in life by being taken from us at such a young age.  He wasn't able to enjoy retirement, to meet his grandkids, and most importantly walk his daughter down the aisle when she got married.

But while on earth, he was a great friend to everyone, a successful businessman, a wonderful husband, terrific son, and an amazing dad.  He taught me so much and made me the woman I am today.  He coached me in softball, helped me with my homework, and tried to teach me how to change the oil in my car (I didn’t pay attention to that one very well). 

I know he is looking down from heaven extremely proud of me, especially when I got married, adopted my baby and gave birth to my daughter, and got my first hole in one on the golf course. 

I often think about how much he would have loved to have been a grandpa.  I keep his spirit alive by telling my children many stories about him.  Every night they say a prayer for him.  I miss my dad a lot, and Father's Day is always a little difficult for me. 

I think about my dad every day. Over the years the hurt has gotten a little easier, but it will never completely go away.  Though my children may have never met their grandpa and experienced the wonderful grandpa times with my dad, they do have a wonderful dad who gives them attention, love, and guidance. 

Happy Father's Day to my dad, my loving husband, and all the dads out there.

*          *          *

My Daddy
By: Anonymous

I had the pleasure of knowing the funniest, happiest, kindest, sweetest person in the world - MY DADDY.  He lived life to the fullest until one day, he was abruptly taken away in 1996. I was just 15. I was mad at God for taking my father away and still am today.

I was my daddy's little girl, and I had him wrapped around all my fingers very nicely. I just WISH with all my heart my father was here in this world to see my family.

The best lesson my father taught me was to enjoy life to the fullest.  Never sacrifice on things you need, as you can always sacrifice on things you want.

*          *         *

This last one is not about a dad gone too soon, but rather one about a wife singing the praises of her baby daddy!  Such a sweet story!

My True Love
By: Sandy

“What have I gotten myself into?!” I kept asking myself the week leading up to the blind date my best friend and her husband had set up.  “Will he think I am too fat? Will I talk too much? What if he is a real geek? How do I get out of this without Kelli and Gerald thinking I don’t trust them on their judgement?” All of these thoughts ran through my mind, but being a people pleaser I chose to keep the date; after all we had a very nice phone conversation, and he agreed to go to a restaurant where people had known me my entire life so how bad could it be?

I made Kelli come over to help me pick out my outfit for the night and talk me through the nerves that afternoon and made her leave before he arrived. I had super cleaned my apartment and prayed that he liked my two cats and didn’t think of me as the cat lady. I was 28 and my family had pretty much given up on me ever getting married and frankly so had I. I had settled into my job and my apartment and was getting used to the idea of being alone and doing my own thing. Then there was a knock on the door…
I opened the door and my first thought was, “Oh God! He looks so young! But, he does look like he played football and I LOVE football players so here we go.”  We drove out to Farmer Brown’s Steakhouse in his little pickup truck, had a nice dinner even though they purposely set us smack dab in the middle of the restaurant (I had known the owners and most of the workers ALL of my life and had even worked there in high school - they didn’t want to miss a thing!). Afterwards, we drove to Zorinsky Lake, walked around a bit and sat and talked for a few hours. I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt with this guy! It was like we had been best friends forever.

He drove me home and then didn’t call for days that felt like weeks!  When he finally called me, he admitted that he was taking advice from some married friends.  They didn’t want him to come across as desperate by calling me the next day. I told him I had been looking forward to his call and would love for him to call as often as he wanted. We decided to not listen to them anymore. I think we have talked daily since that day 13 years ago.
Although we had both long stated that we would NEVER live with someone before we got married, within a month we had an apartment together and within 18 months of our first date, we were married.  He is my rock, my motivator, my sounding block and the love of my life. He is the most amazing cook, friend and most importantly father to our two children.  Sure we have had times that tested our marriage, but the thought of not being together was worse than what we were going through so we pushed on through the tough times.

Without him, I would not be as content as I am, as motivated as I am, or as loved as I am. I would not see his mischievousness in our daughter’s actions and our son’s grin. I would not look forward to the sound of the garage door opening when he comes home or seeing the truck in the driveway when I am coming home.

He lifts me up and sometimes he holds me up, but what I cherish most is that he holds me in his heart, puts up with my emotional moments and carries us through to the next big adventure.

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