The "Right" Way to Catch a Runaway Toddler

Today's Thursday thought comes from this guy:


He is such a great big brother. He maintains the perfect balance of concern, sweetness, bossiness, and annoyance that any older sibling has.

One day, we were all at Slim's speech therapy appointment. While Slim was in the interior room with his therapist, the rest of us were waiting in the outer room. Someone had opened the door to the hallway, and Baby E took off like a shot down the hall.

"I'll get him," Knox volunteered.

Pretty soon he came carrying Baby E back, holding him under the arms, Baby E flopping submissively.

Knox set him down in front of me and said in a very grown-up way, "I caught him left-handed!"

It took me a minute to figure out what he meant was that he had caught him red-handed.

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