My Biggest Parenting Fears~Her View From Home

I recently wrote about a huge fear that I have about my youngest son. But honestly, my worrying doesn't stop there. I worry about a lot of things.

All of the Hurricane Sandy stories I have been hearing make me remember how I felt when Hubby and I lived in Long Beach, New York. I had three babies under the age of two - a newborn and 19-month-old twins, all of whom obviously and completely depended on me for everything. Hubby was frequently gone for days at a time in this borough or that, on call, saving the masses by pulling rotten teeth. I often thought about various scenarios and what on earth I would do should they play out.

One was where the hell I would go if I needed to evacuate our seaside community. Where would this Nebraska girl and her three babies go by themselves to be safe in a place that was unfamiliar to us without Hubby's voice of logic guiding us.

I can't imagine.

I also used to get mini-panic attacks while driving the Meadowbrook Parkway to and from Target and the Mall. It was surrounded by water on both sides for part of the way. I would imagine what would happen if my car should go out of control and plunge into the water. How would I save all three of my children?

I know this sounds extreme, but I heard on the news this morning that this happened to a mom in the throes of Hurricane Sandy. She was driving with her 2 and 4 year old sons and became stuck in rising water. As they tried to escape, her sons were washed away, and still haven't been found.

My heart is devastated for that mom, absolutely broken.

The storm has presented extreme situations, but what about the everyday? What about when we look to the future and wonder if we're doing it all right now, assuring our children's safety and success?

Today, on Her View From Home, I'm sharing some of my biggest parenting fears - read it here. I'm sure there are more; in fact, when I was writing the post, I kept adding more.  Come read and comment and share some of your biggest fears. (Please tell me you have some, too??)

Here's hoping all of you have a fun and safe Halloween with your families, and that those of you affected by Sandy are managing and getting the help you need.

Love and hugs and always prayers, my friends.
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