Want a Free Photo Book? Thanks to Groovebook and kissing the frog, it's Easy!

If you're anything like me - and well, millions of other people - you take most of your pictures these days with your smart phone or mobile device. It's just so easy to capture life's best moments on the fly without having to lug a camera around.

My problem becomes how to get these pictures printed in an easy way. I am constantly sending them to myself, then downloading them from e-mail, then sending them to an online site for ordering from there.
But then, a solution started following me on Twitter one day. It was something called Groovebook, and just as I do any new Twitter follower, I went to check them out.
Let's just say after stalking them on Facebook and their website for a little while, I'm a huge fan now.
How does it work? Groovebook is a free app that lets you choose up to 100 photos from your camera roll to put into a beautiful 4.5" x 6.5" free photo book and mails it to you monthly.

Your photos are printed on glossy photo paper and perforated for easy removal. That means you can share, frame, decorate, scrapbook and more. All this is free - just $2.99 each month for shipping and processing!


What I love even more is that the date and time are stamped next to every photo, and many have the location as well. Great for an anal, left-brained person like me who spends lots of time labeling her photos. Goovebook does it for me!

And it's so easy to use! Watch this YouTube video and see for yourself. As you can see, it's easy to choose and upload your photos, and the app even reminds you when it's time to choose more!
Just $2.99 entitles you to a 100-page keepsake photo book every month (this is a subscription cost, however you can cancel at any time). They will never use your photos without your knowledge or permission, and their representatives on Facebook answer any user questions quickly and pleasantly (I know this because I stalked them, remember?).
If I can use this app, anyone can!
It took about 12 minutes for my photos to load, so obviously this is something you could do while waiting to pick up kids from school, waiting at a dance class or ball practice, or just watching one of your favorite shows. I like that I can cancel anytime if I want to, although with the amount of pictures I take and the option to order more than one of any photo, I doubt I'll make it completely through my photo stream any time soon. Your first photo book has to be 100 photos, but after that, you have the option to download less.
The photo quality depended on the quality of the photos I took, frankly. This forced me to go through my photo stream and delete all the blurred and fuzzy shots. Basically, if it looks good on your photo stream, it's going to look great in your Groovebook.
And do you know what the best part of this is? YOU get to try it for FREE!! All you have to do is enter KISSINGTHEGROOVE into the "coupon code" section of the billing information for your account and the first month's $2.99 charge for shipping is FREE. This is risk free - you don't have to continue after the first month if you don't like it, although I personally don't see why you wouldn't.
Search for Groovebook on your mobile device or go to their website to get started. Don't forget to enter KISSINGTHEGROVE for your first book free.
I promise, you won't be sorry you tried it!
*I am being compensated for this post, but all the opinions are my own.

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