Motherhood Monday and Moms' Clubs

Okay, admit it, we've all wanted to join a certain club once we became a mother. Maybe it was the stay-at-home moms club, maybe it was the Gymboree class moms club, maybe it was the moms who have it all club.

Inherent in motherhood is our invitation to several clubs, whether we choose them or not. Today I am guesting for a wonderful series called Motherhood Mondays that Jennifer from Outsmarted Mommy is doing. She wants to show us that we're all really not so different after all.

Hop on over to her blog and read about the clubs I wanted to join, the one that I was "jumped into" by surprise, and my take on the club to which we all hold a membership card.

And hey, on a related note, read my latest at Mamalode called Better. It's about how, despite all of our choices and all the things we've been handed along our parenting journey, we really are doing a kick-ass job at it all.

Happy Monday!!

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