Around the Pond with the Frog~Weeks Ending 1/26/14

Some thoughts I shared this past month in the middle of this deep freeze:

I also have a post on Mamalode about goals and starting over and why Tuesdays always seem like Mondays for me. Head over and find out why.

After a long absence, Grief Stories was back, and it was one that touched my heart. Read Will I Ever Be Ready by Jessica of Domestic Pirate. You just may find yourself totally relating to her dilemma.

Finally, don't rely on Facebook to show you my latest posts (Facebook is being kind of a butthead right now to bloggers). You have three options: head up to the top of the page under the blog header. On the left in the green circles, you can click to subscribe via RSS feed (but I don't really understand that, so . . .) or you can subscribe via e-mail, though sometimes that lands in my spam folder. I think the easiest and most surefire option is on the right: Follow me on Bloglovin'.  It's super easy to sign up for an account, search for the blogs you love and regularly read, and you'll only get an e-mail when they post new content. It's my favorite way to follow all the blogs I read.

See you soon friends!!

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