Wednesday Friendsday

It's Wednesday here at the Pond. If you came here looking for a Meatless Lenten recipe, you're out of luck. I posted two great ones here and here; but then, life got in the way and we started having lots of pizza or Hubby said he would grill fish (yay!). And since blogging isn't my JOB (yes, I know, it's quite a shocker), I said fine. So, there was not a meatless recipe last week, nor will there be one this week, and probably not next week either. Because after all, as one "longtime" reader once told me, I never follow through with what I say I'm going to do anyway.


Though, it is true. I do say a lot of things and then never do them. Oh, I have the best intentions, but for some reason - life, parenting, poor self-esteem - certain of these things never get follow-through. Such is the way of my life.

Never mind that it's true, it just irked me that an "anonymous" reader said that once.* It's okay when it's a friend though, because friends say that kind of stuff to each other, right? And it's okay.

I'm sharing a bit about the need for friends on Mamalode this week. And this is a job that PAYS so if you click the link, I get dollars. If you like it and share it, I get more dollars. Here is the link to click ---> "You Gotta Have Friends" on Mamalode.

You Gotta Have Friends

In case you've missed some of my other Mamalode posts, here are two of my latest:

"Unfit Mother" is about the need to do something for ourselves.

"What if I Can't Do It?" is about a child's hesitation to try.

*Anonymous long-time reader, please don't be mad. You were just pointing out the obvious and sometimes that's hard to hear. I'm over it and I still like you. :)

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