Birthday SNAFUs

So, today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I've spent so much time talking about how much I looove my birthday, I think I may have jinxed myself. It's not been such a great day. And as I write this, it's only noon.

My 8 year old was being a poop-head this morning and yelling at me for putting a *gasp* strawberry milk in his lunch box and sunscreen on his neck. I know, horrible mother.

I had to cancel my facial (again, I know, first world problems) because I had to take Slim to a different orthodontist. His current one seems to have no clue how to manage the care of a child with a cleft lip and palate. Slim was supposed to have another surgery this summer; but due to the need for more orthodontic work, it is being pushed into the fall - which we did not want to happen because fifth grade.

Today is the first year in a long time that it has not rained on my birthday; in fact, the weather is perfect and gorgeous. I was going to go enjoy it, but my babysitter is sick. She was yesterday, so I knew she would be today. Not her fault, but *sad face*. Slim has his first social skills class tonight and Knox has a baseball game and I have an article about reptiles due tomorrow (don't ask).

Rush, rush, hurry, hurry. Grown-up birthdays. Now I can see why people say it's simply just another day.

But thank you Facebook and texting for making easy for people to reach out. 'Cause that's nice.

And thank you take-out food and new outlet mall and a Hubby who gets how I like to make a big deal of my birthday. I have no doubt I'll get to celebrate, just not today.

In case you wanted to do something nice for me today, you could click on this link and read even more of my birthday thoughts on Mamalode. I do get paid to write there, so it's like you'll be giving me money for my birthday. It's a win-win for us both, really.

Wanna really spoil me rotten? Click here and here, too.

Thanks for reading. Here's to a great year!

I'll take all the ones with pink frosting, please, and the chocolate ones and the
ones with something on top of the frosting and . . .alright, I'll take them all!

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