Tiny Garden, Tiny Talent

I remember once when I was in high school, three of my friends were in a pageant (beauty contest?). Of course several of us went to see them and cheer them on. As I sat and watched all of my peers dance, sing, and play instruments, something struck me: I have absolutely no talent whatsoever.

I never took dance lessons, I couldn't play an instrument, and I certainly couldn't carry a tune in a proverbial bucket. I went home and begged my mother to get me my grandma's old guitar so I could learn to play. The thing was it was so badly out of tune, it would have cost a fortune to repair; so I just let it sit in our attic instead of hers.

As I look back now, I had plenty of talent. I was a decent soccer player, but I blew off varsity try-outs. I was a great speaker and actress, but I never tried out for a single part or joined the speech team. And of course - writing. I never took journalism or let anyone see any of my creative writing pieces.

It was simply all about confidence and fear of failure.

Sadly, it still is that for me.

But when a simple little task comes along and it doesn't matter how I do because no one is looking, I thrive and enjoy. And of course write a blog post about it. You can find that here.

And tell me, what is a talent you have that you either hide or proudly display?
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