I'd Only Do It For Joey

If you've read my chapter in the best-selling anthology, I Just Want to Be Alone (I Just Want to Pee Alone) (Volume 2), you'll know that I am terrified of heights. Any thought of going high in the air - or even not so high - terrifies me.

So when a new aerial attraction opened at our city's zoo several years ago, I had absolutely no intention of riding it.

Until Joey asked me. And then how could I say no?
Read about it here on Mamalode. And while you're at it, read here about me foolishly putting a hot air balloon ride on my bucket list (seriously, Ms. Afraid-of-Heights, what's that about?). There are more realistic choices for me on that list.

If you feel inclined to share either post, that would garner big hugs and sloppy kisses from me. Happy reading!

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