What is a Mom's Real Dream Job?

The other night, I was transported back in time 20 years! You see, I am getting my teaching certificate renewed, and I have had to take some graduate classes in order to make that happen. Back in 1994 (it was hard to type that) I completed a Master's Degree in a one-of-a-kind program for new teachers. As I sat in the room for my first night of class for this semester (a writing class, which I am jazzed about!), I looked around and realized how young a lot of the students were.

Come to find out that they are in the same Master's degree program I was in 20 YEARS AGO! GAH!!!  Man, that made me feel old. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was sitting where they were, all stressed to be teaching for the first time and completing Master's Degree work. It's interesting what I've been through in the last 20 years - working, getting married, having babies, and of course, all the things that have come with being a parent.

I've made my choices as far as my career and mothering are concerned. At times, choices are no-brainers. Other times, the times where you get exactly what you've always wanted, the choices are a little harder. I'm writing about it on Mamalode, and I'd love if you would click here to read about "The Time I Gave Up One Dream Job for Another."

Of course, with choices comes mom guilt, and I've had plenty of that! You can click here to read how my mom guilt is probably ten times worse than yours.

I have a discussion going on my Facebook page about the first day of school and how you handle the tears and tantrums. Join in with some advice or just commiserate with other moms.

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