Has social media made us selfish and uncaring?

Welp, here we go again. Something else "went viral." This time it was the tweets of two sisters who allegedly caught a wife cheating right in front of her husband. They took pictures on their phone of the supposed sexting and slipped the guy a note.

Okay, if they truly felt sorry for the guy and wanted to help, that's one thing.

But why post it all over social media? 

The answer is simple: because everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame and sees social media as the way to do it.

With iPhones at the ready, we're always looking for the next opportunity to post something amazing that will go viral and bring attention to ourselves.

I realize how ironic this sounds coming from a blogger who uses social media daily. However, I have always eschewed click-baity titles and gimmicks because I want to keep things real.

I get really discouraged and disheartened when I see social media being used to deliberately mislead and trap people. It's almost as if we have to walk on eggshells 24/7 because someone might record some innocent mistake we make and then post it online. Then the molehill becomes a viral mountain.

I truly believe that in many cases instead of shrinking our world and bringing us together, social media does the exact opposite: it creates a gaping hole into which we all fall - nameless, faceless, and inhuman.

Because if we know names and see faces people are actually real people, right? People with feelings and emotions and experiences and families and dreams and a history, just like us. We can't be bothered with that in a world that is moving at the speed of a click, can we?

Shame on us. 

Maybe it's just my nice Midwestern gal values speaking here, but why do we think it's fine when it's someone else, but not if it's our feelings, our rights, or our privacy being violated? Then what? Why can't we handle that?

I'm taking on the hashtag #sorrynotsorry over on Her View From Home today - another social media phenomenon that disgusts me. Click here to read and please share your opinion. Are we overusing social media? Do we have the right to post anything we want? What are our responsibilities? What do you think of the hashtag #sorrynotsorry?

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