The Problem with 'What Can I Do?'

When our son Joey was diagnosed with cancer, many people from our community came out to help us. From offering to take our boys to the park to organizing weekly meals to sending cards and gifts to leaving a ham on our porch, it all helped tremendously.

Help works best in crisis when people just DO rather than ask. It may seem like a sign of support when you say, "Let me know what I can do to help;" but rare is the person who will actually turn to you and say, "Okay, why don't you do xyz?" Many times, they don't even know what they need.

Speaking from experience over on Her View From Home today, I'm sharing nine things you can do instead of asking 'what can I do' when someone you know is in a crisis. Head on over and read the full post here.

Also, if you haven't read why I hate the hashtag #sorrynotsorry, you can read that here. 

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