Every Dog Needs Some Boys

We have been thinking about getting a dog for about three years now. There was always a reason why we shouldn’t: we had a new baby, we were moving, we had a new home. The list went on and on. 

I frequently added to it when my Facebook friends would post pictures of their muddy pups or a picture of the critter their hound killed and left on their porch.

“Yep,” I’d say, “that’s reason number 827 why WE are NOT getting a dog.”

Well, yesterday, we got a dog.

I’m not really sure how it happened. It just did. Really quickly. Really quickly after three years of talking about it and the boys begging us for one. Really quickly after two summers of the boys participating in Camp Kindness at the Humane Society. Really quickly after over two years of me writing pet articles for a local print magazine.

Really quickly after the six months’ worth of nightly searches on rescue organization’s web pages that Hubby has been doing.

Finally, after the 75th cute dog he showed me, I said, “Email them and say we’re interested.”
Then really quickly they emailed back and wanted to know about our family and wanted references and wanted to set up a home visit. 

The first dog we looked at was taken; but they said they had another dog we could adopt. They sent her picture, and instantly I knew she was our dog the way parents know that a baby is theirs to adopt. 

The first dog was still available, but this second dog – she was the one. The home visit went well, though they didn’t bring her to the visit. The dog rescue agency had to move on, people were waiting for Hannah. Our Hannah. Our puppy.

So true to our quick decision-making reflexes, three years after talking about getting a dog, we decided to go for it. They said we can return her in 30 days if it doesn’t work out.

I think it’s already working out. 

Ashley Cox for Freedigitalphotos.com 

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