When television reflects real life

I remember hearing that in Disney's sequel to the wildly popular Frozen, the character of Elsa will be gay. My immediate reaction was one of slight outrage. While I fully support gay rights, I wondered if we as parents are ready to have gay cartoon characters and be forced into that conversation with our children.

Well, you know what? I think the answer is yes. As I was finding the above Elsa link, I stumbled across several articles discussing the speculation that other popular Disney characters have been in same sex romantic relationships.

WHAT?? (Watch the clip in the article I linked above.)

Okay, those totally went over MY head.

The subtlety with which these references are thrown in will likely go over children's heads as well. Unless, that is, the child, tween, or teen identifies as LGBTQ. In that case, it may be somewhat of a comfort to feel as if they are being represented in some way.

While I don't think identifying as LGBTQ is some club that the rest of us don't understand, I do think it's like much of the adult humor in children's shows: you don't totally get it unless it applies to you.

Take for example the newest installment of Ghostbusters. My boys and I loved it, especially Leslie Jones's Patty and Kate McKinnon's Holtzman. In fact, dare I say I, like many other women I know, came away from the movie with a little crush on Kate and her portrayal of the smart, funny, ass-kicking inventor?

I had NO idea, even though I know McKinnon is gay in real life, that her character is supposed to be gay. Consequently, it's not even on my sons' radar (no pun intended).

But what if it's staring them right in the face? What if, say, two dads show up in a cartoon to drop their son off for a play date? What then?

I'm discussing that in my latest Her View From Home article. Come over, read it, and let's talk about if we think this is a good idea or not. (You might be surprised at what side I'm on.)

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