ICYMI: It's not okay for adults to bully children, no matter who their parents are

I really hate what the world is becoming. I hate that social media is making it so much easier for people to bully other people. I hate that the original purpose for it - to connect and unite people - has been lost in a sea of emboldened vitriol.

When did we come to accept that it was okay to openly laugh at and make fun of someone's life? Take their photos, their thoughts, their trust, and shove it cruelly back in their faces?

Perhaps some people think that it's okay to do this because, after all, the act of putting the photos and thoughts and trust on such a public forum must mean that you are "asking for it." And maybe it's true. There are certain people who invite controversy and criticism, who are looking for a fight. But those are people who are ready for it and can stand up for themselves.

But what about children? It's long been said that we as bloggers and writers are exploiting our children by writing about them and sharing their pictures online. Indeed, it's a fine line; and one I've been considering giving up lately.

There's a subset of minors who didn't ask to be thrust into the public eye, but by nature of their parentage they are firmly in the middle of it. One such minor is ten-year-old Barron Trump. After the inauguration on Friday, people tweeted and wrote the most awful things about him. As a mother of sons and as a teacher and coach of ten-year-old boys, it broke my heart. Ten-year-old boys are interesting humans, and certainly not deserving of anyone's criticism or jokes.

Over at Her View From Home, I'm sharing what I know about ten-year-old boys that makes them so special AND adding in a message to all the adults who think it's okay to say mean things about them.
Please read it here, and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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