Why One is So Fun

I officially have a one-year-old on my hands!  And while I am not crying into my morning latte, I am laughing my butt off at all of his adorable antics!  It's been a while since I've had a one-year-old, and I'd kind of forgotten all of the funny things that they do.
Baby E obviously takes after
 his mom in his love of cake.

I adore this age!  Actually, between six and eighteen months are my favorite ages.  They are discovering so much.

And they are busy, busy, busy!  I went shopping recently to find a toy for his birthday and couldn't find a single thing that a.) we don't already have (Fifth boy, people. We have it ALL!) and b.) is more fascinating than the trash can.  Seriously, he spent the entire weekend of his first birthday throwing things away in the kitchen trash can.  Here are some of the items we found in it:
  • various toys, including balls, trains, and parts to other toys that the older boys have broken (okay, maybe the latter should have been in the trash in the first place)
  • my niece's missing flip flop
  • a pair of socks
  • a dish towel
  • items from the recycling sack (I've got to teach that kid about green living)
  • cans of food from the pantry
  • my wallet (thank goodness I saw that one go in there)

Baby E (I guess I need to think of a new nickname for him now that he's not technically a baby any more *sniff*) has been so busy discovering the house now that he can walk, I don't think I am going to get him any birthday toys.  He is being creative enough on his own.

In fact, he would like me to share with you his list of the most fun games he's learned to play now that he is one:

1. Switcheroo: This is when he puts the frozen waffles in the linen drawer and the kitchen towels in the freezer.  Or the clean, wet laundry in the dirty clothes basket and the dirty clothes in the dryer.  Or, much to his brothers' dismay, all of their socks in different drawers.

Okay, Slim's socks would be better up here,
and Knox's socks should go here...

Let's see if I have this right...

2. Dinner Time Oopsie Dropsie: He thinks this one is hilarious.  This is a game of "dangle-the-food-object-Mommy-wants-me-to-eat-over-the-side-of-my-tray-until-she-is-looking-and-then-smile-aaaand-release."  And repeat until Mommy gets the hint and takes the food off the tray.

3. Hide the Object: Said object is usually shiny, small, pokey, or round, and the hiding place is usually his mouth.

4. Putting in and Taking Out: This is a variation of Switcheroo, only in this version, you never know where things are going to end up.  And this version mostly involves taking things out - clothes out of my dresser drawers, towels out of the linen closet, objects out of boxes.  It is also known as Make a Huge Freaking Mess that Mommy Has to Clean Up Later.

There are no pantyliners in the
box, only tub toys.

Found the pantyliners.

5. Dirty Hands/Clean Hands: He'll stick his hands wherever he can - in someone's mouth, in food, in his poopy diaper, in the potted plants outside.  But don't worry, he'll wash them off later...by sticking them in the toilet!

This looks interesting and fun.

6. Hide and Giggle: He has free reign of the house now, and he's going to explore!  Any cabinet that doesn't have a lock, becomes a hiding place.  Any furniture that he can crawl behind, he's going to check it out.  And the stairs, as tempting as Mount Everest to a veteran climber. Now, before you go calling DCFS on me, we do have safety devices in place, and I do watch my child. Luckily for Mommy, he is either giggling with pride over his accomplishment or "answers" me when I call for him. So, if I do happen to lose him for a moment, I can usually find him rather quickly.

7. King of the World: This is a new one he's learning.  It's otherwise known as climbing.  I'm afraid...I'm very, very afraid.

Ah yes, one-year-olds are daring, they are clever, and they make terrible messes.

But they can be contained if necessary, and they haven't learned to talk back.

Now I think I remember why one is so fun.

What has been your favorite age or stage for your child so far?

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