A Random Reminder

I usually go to the free yoga class on Tuesday mornings by our club's pool because it makes me so happy.  But yesterday, I thought I would get in some cardio since I had only done so about once in the past week.

I headed out to a local trail for a run/walk.

I always say "run slash walk," complete with air quotes because I'm not really a great runner.  I try, I really do, but the truth is, I just don't like it that much.

Especially not in the 90+ degree heat.  But, I wanted to get out of the house, and I really like this particular trail, so I set out.

I didn't run very far.  I've been having a problem with shin splints (I heard it is from my shoes?), and I just simply did not have very much energy. 

So, I walked.

And I stopped at a bench and did some toning.

And when I was ready, I started to walk back the way I came.

The part of the trail near where I had parked my car was at the top of a hill, and I was huffing and puffing, and my heart was pounding.  I stopped to lean against a fence to catch my breath, and then began the negative self-talk.

I'm so fat and out of shape.

I'm so old and weak.

What's wrong with me? 

I'll never be a runner.

I started off again to walk the last few yards to my car.  That's when I saw this:
It says, "Congrats for getting excersize (sic)."

and this a few steps later:


And I did smile all the way back to my car.

What a great reminder, put there by some random person, that at least I was doing something good for myself and of that I should be proud.

The handwriting tells me that it was probably written by a young girl.  Maybe she wrote it for her mom who has been trying to get in shape.  Or maybe she's just a sweet, happy, positive person.  Whoever she is, I envision that she has a wonderful role model of positivity.

Someone unlike me.  I'm sure there is a reason I never had any little girls.

Some days I'm harder on myself than others.  On these particularly hard days, it's nice to have a random reminder to be a little kinder to myself.

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