Writing in Coffee Houses and Other Things That Make Me Happy

So, yesterday, the first day of Slim's five-afternoon camp, I wasn't able to sit at my favorite downtown coffee house and write.  Sad me.

Today, I was there all afternoon.  Happy me!  For some reason, it makes me feel like a real writer.  You know what I mean?

Here are other things that make this mama so happy:

1. Free yoga class every Tuesday morning by the pool.  Anything that begins with free and ends with by the pool has to be a winner!  I've recently discovered how wonderful yoga makes me feel - strong, calm, centered.  It just keeps getting better!

2. Riding in the front seat of the car during road trips. I know this sounds silly, but for the past year I have been riding in the middle seat of the van to attend to all of Baby E's needs.  Now that he's not such a baby anymore, I get to be in the front like an adult!  Yay!  Then I can talk and laugh with Hubby while the boys zone out on movies and video games.

3. This view:
Photo by Kathy Glow

which is why we take said road trips.

4.  This, too:
Photo by Kathy Glow

I love me some good wine, and it's even better lakeside.

5. Crazy moments like this:

and this:

Unfortunately, it's too rare that I get to really enjoy my children's glee.  Too often I'm telling them to "settle down" or "be quiet" or "stop making such a mess."  I need to just play along, laugh, and enjoy more.

6. My Kindle Fire.  I was one of those people who held out for a long time.  An avid reader since...forever, I was convinced I would miss the feel and smell of "real" books.  But I so don't!  It was a saving grace all those nights I was up nursing Baby E in his dimly lit room.  It kept me awake, and he couldn't reach back and tear the pages.  I can read during our road trips after the sun goes down.  I love that I can bookmark all the blogs I read, I can check e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, the boys and I can play games or watch movies- and all the cheap and free books!  Love, love, love!!

7&8. Date nights with Hubby and Girls' Nights Out.  Too few and far between, these nights always renew and energize me.  I get to dress up and hear Hubby tell me I look hot or hear one of the boys tell me I look pretty.  I get to feel like an adult who has adult relationships and who can talk about adult things.  Did I say I get to be an ADULT?

9. Reruns of Friends on Nick-at-Nite.  Best sitcom ever.  My nightly ritual includes sitting in the same chair with my laptop and some ice cream watching Friends.  I have most of the episodes memorized.  Here's a clip from one of my favorites.

10. Talking to my mom on the phone.  She just "gets" me, you know?

And a bonus make-me-happy moment:

11. When any of my boys want to sit on my lap.  They will all be too big for this someday, so it's so nice when they want to cuddle.

What about you?  What are the things that make you most happy?

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