To Cut or Not to Cut

The two women who were supposed to be stocking the shelves at Target were cooing over my baby instead.

"Oh, look at her, she's so cute."

"She's playing peek-a-boo with us."

"You're such a sweet little girl."

"Are you a shy little girl?"

I didn't say anything; instead I watched as my older boys scanned the Lego aisle searching for new Ninjago sets.

"How old is she?"  One of the women finally addressed me.

"Actually, he's a boy, and he's almost 13 months."

"Oh!" and they giggled a bit.

That's when I launched into my explanation about Baby E's darling head of curls.  The curls that have grown in so beautifully.  The curls that I refuse to cut.

The curls that make Hubby roll his eyes and strangers think E is a girl.

Look at that hair!  So soft and perfect
and lovely and...girlie?

Actually, I don't think it's just the hair.  He has these gorgeous long eyelashes, too, and this sweet dainty smile that have been making people think he is a girl for a quite a long time.

Does this look like a girl?  He's dressed in
brown and green, for Pete's sake!

Of course, since he got both the eyelashes and the hair from Hubby (short stubby eyelashes here and straight hair - why do guys have all the luck??), and Hubby is traumatized by the fact that his own mother kept his hair long and curly until he was about three or four, he keeps insisting I cut it.

But I loooove it!  And it's growing in so nicely.  Much better than the other boys.

Joey had nappy, curly hair when he was first born, but it all fell out around three months.  When it grew back it in, at best it was wavy, but all the curl was gone.

Slim didn't really have hair until he was over a year old.  By the time he was 17 months, he had beautiful curls on the sides of his head, but nothing on the top.

Slim and Joey at about 16 months.

It took Knox a long time to get hair.  And when it finally came in, it was straight and fine.  It's a beautiful color blond - women pay big bucks for his hair color - but straight as the day is long.  It was okay, though.  With no hair, his amazing blue eyes stood out even more.

Knox at about nine months.

And then there was the mess that was Lil' C's hair.  When it grew in, it was clear that it had a mind of its own.  He had a long piece that stuck straight up on top, a tight curl on the right side, and a shaggy straight mess on the left.  It was so ridiculous, I had to get it cut when he was about six and a half months old.

This picture doesn't even begin to
show how ridiculous his hair was.

So now, with E's hair growing in so - dare I say - pretty, I really don't want to cut it.  'Cause, you know, they look like such big boys with a haircut.  (This is when Hubby is yelling at his computer saying, "Yes, exactly!  Cut the damn hair already!")  And I know his curls won't come back because none of the other boys' did.

So what do you think?  Should I cut it or let it grow?  Or just get the sides and back trimmed?

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