In With The Cool Crowd ~ Guest Post

Today's guest post is from Meredith at The Mom of the Year. I love her blog's tagline: "A less serious look at the world of parenting." Meredith can take the simplest things, like yoga pants or sippy cups, and make them downright funny. She definitely has a "catch more flies with honey than vinegar" style of writing; and it's working because people are flocking to her blog in droves! I'm so happy to have her here today, and as one of my blog sponsors!

I love Kathy’s blog.  Touching in on the sweet, genuine space she has created feels like coming home.  I can relax, breathe, and laugh a little while knowing someone else truly gets it.  As much as the blogging world can sometimes be overwhelming, I’m grateful to it for allowing me to connect with great people like Kathy.

Do you ever wish real life could be a little more this way?  A little bit easier to find someone really cool and just hang out with them?  Don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful friends to count on and love, but it can be tricky to click with people in the circles of our daily lives.  Sometimes this is irritating, sometimes it downright conjures up those precious days of high-schooly angst.  Nightmare flashbacks over trying to "just be yourself" while struggling to "fit in", anyone?   Ugh.  You’d think we might be past all the cool crowd jazz when we hit Mom years, but somehow it still works itself in…

I think fitting into the crafty moms crowd would be easier if could spout 1,000 ideas for original homemade Valentines that automatically spray my child’s name in the air with glitter when opened.  I'm also pretty sure I would own Pinterest if I could do this, not to mention catching the elusive Martha Stewart's eye.  Future guest spot on her show?  Stay tuned.

Finding my place at church might be smoother if people didn't wince in pain whenever I opened my mouth to sing.  I think I can safely rule out a spot on the worship team.  Forget small talk with those sitting next to me—it’s best to keep a 10 foot radius.  Trust me on this one.

I think I could really get into all of the neighborhood parties with the fun ladies who live nearby and whoop the night away--if my night didn't end by 8:30pm, 9 if things get really crazy around here.  I have to be missing something here with how parents of young kids actually manage to sleep?

My coworkers and I could get along great, but as a SAHM, I'm solid workforce of 1.  And sure, I like myself, but can this crazy lady stop ranting about her blog and move on to something else?

So I search and seek, and sometimes very petulantly whine to my husband, "I don't belong anywhere." To which he just said, "Here.  You belong here, with us.  We're your home.  We're your family."  And I was promptly left speechless.  Hot dang, the man was right.  

My home is with my family.  This is where I belong.  And the thing is, they take me just as I am.  My kids think I’m awesome, just because I’m Mommy.  No other criteria required.  In their eyes, I’m a rockstar.  By the grace of God, my husband loves me regardless of what comes our way.  Despite all the times I’ve goofed up or been less than a charming breath of fresh air, he always welcomes me with open arms.

When life feels lonely or I feel like I don’t fit, I just need to come home.  Literally and figuratively, this is where I “fit in”.  Here, I’m definitely in with the cool crowd.  My cool crowd.

Now, as long as I can put someone else in charge of the Valentines and giving voice lessons, I think we're good to go. 

You can find Meredith on her blog, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, where she is one of the 35 Most Pinteresting Moms!
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