Around the Pond with the Frog~Week Ending 6/23/13

I was very busy this week volunteering at the boys' Vacation Bible School. It was a lot of fun, and made the week fly by! BUT, I hardly had time to write or read many blogs, so I'll share with you what I can.

Stuff I liked this week:

  • If you are struggling with new ideas for motivating or disciplining your children, try this idea from Doctor Dad.
  • Sometimes when you're feeling all "poor me," you just need a little perspective like Dani from Cloudy with a Chance of Wine had.
  • Those questions little kids ask can be tough, especially as a mom answering the boy questions. Check out how Anna from My Life and Kids handles them.
  • Hubby has a total green thumb, and so does my mom. They are excellent gardeners, and I am trying to learn how. This post by Anna at Random Handprints made me laugh because this is something I would wonder about.

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