Kids' Favorite Amusement Park Rides More Appropriately Named

This past weekend, my family vacationed at our favorite lakeside community. Part of the fun is visiting the amusement park that has been there since Hubby and I were kids. The park has changed a little, and it's fun seeing our kids enjoy it as much as we once did.

Though, the older Hubby gets, the less tolerance he has for rides that spin and dip. I once watched him and one of our sons emerge from a little ducky ride at the Mall of America absolutely green and sick. All it did was rotate slowly for two minutes, but apparently that was enough to push him over the edge.

I've heard that many people find their tolerance for amusement park rides is less the older they get. I still like them, and love that my boys are old enough now to go on some of them.

Although, one particular ride that Knox claimed was so fun and talked me in to going on with him, actually claimed my stomach for its own. I'm sure it's still back there, and I'll have to pick it up when we go again in July.

This thing gets vertical so that you're staring at the ground. Well,
not me because I had my eyes closed!

It got me thinking that many of these amusement park rides really need to be renamed to contain a more accurate description of what they really entail. 

For example, the boys were crazy about the Tipsy House. After battling through it, in wedge heels mind you, I dubbed it the "I Could Walk Better in Here if I Really Were Tipsy House."

Knox was curious to check this out, and I actually think it is aptly named. All it does is rotate and creek and there is nary a bug in sight. The whole experience just bugged, so Bug House it shall remain.

The Tilt-a-Whirl . .well, let's just call this thing the "Tilt and Puke" shall we? After seeing someone's vomit fly at Adventureland in 1980, I've never been back on.

Ahh, the Scrambler, or what I like to refer to as the "Who Wants to Sit By the Door and Get Your Ribs Smashed?" ride. I couldn't convince the boys to go on this one with me, though.

Here is one I will never go on: the Ferris Wheel, or what I call the "Get a Paper Bag Because Mommy is Hyperventilating." I am deathly afraid of heights and curse the ride operators who think it's funny to make someone get stuck at the top (okay this may have to do with some childhood trauma).

Another in the line of rides I will even forbid my children to ride is the Rock O Plane. Or what I close my eyes and dub the "Hold On, Lest You Fall to Your Death in a Freak Accident" ride. Nothing between you and the ground but a thin cage? Seriously, the more you know, the more you don't want to know.

This is a good one that the three older boys loved - the Log Ride, or what I like to call the "Punk Your Kids By Telling Them You Don't Get Wet in Back, then Duck and Hear Them Squeal" ride. Four thumbs up and two thumbs down was a pretty good rating for this one.

Ahh, the kiddie train, or what I think of as the "Give Mommy a Glass of Wine and Keep Your Hands Inside the Car So You Don't Disturb My Break" ride. Wanna ride it again boys? Sure, I'll go with you, and you can ride it all you want.

This amusement park actually boasts one of the country's oldest wooden roller coasters. I used to ride it when I was little and was curious to see if anything had changed. Nope, it still seems to be the "Call the Chiropractor 'Cuz Mommy's Going to Need an Adjustment" coaster. Yeesh, my alignment will never be the same.

I actually had a lot of fun playing with the boys at the amusement park this weekend. But I'm okay with them wanting to ride the little kid rides, too.

After all, it'll give me a chance to look for where I left my stomach.

Do you like amusement park rides? Which ones are your favorites? Which ones do you avoid at all costs?

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