A New Name for Baby E

I think it's about time I give Baby E a new nickname on this blog. After all, he is two years old now. Wow, two years. It's really flown by. And the three years since Joey's death . . .well, I can hardly believe it.

I wrote on Mamalode last week about Baby E being my little healer, and he definitely is. I couldn't imagine my life without all the joy he brings to it.

But he's quickly growing up to be a little boy. So no more baby name for him. A while back, my Hubby dubbed him "Edge". I think this has less to do with Hubby being a huge U2 fan and more to do with the way Baby E's initials sound when smooshed all together. Knox calls him "Edgie" which I think is so cute, and I find myself using that more than his real name.

So without further ado, Baby E will here on out be referred to as "Edge."

I wrote about him this week on Her View From Home. Here's a sneak peek:

" On Sunday, we celebrated Baby E’s second birthday. I guess that makes him not a baby anymore. And I guess that makes me officially – for the second time – done with babies. I thought I was done in 2010, the year I turned 40 and Joey died.

But – SURPRISE! I guess the Universe had other plans for me whether I wanted them or not.

Sometimes, when I look at Baby E and he wraps me in one of those awesome, super tight hugs of his, I can hardly believe that I ever doubted having him. It’s unfathomable to think that he would have brought me anything but the intense joy and happiness I feel on a daily basis.
When we dream about being parents, no kind of pain or suffering ever enters our minds . . ."

Head on over to Her View from Home and read the rest of "Hello? It Was Me You Were Looking For."

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