Around the Pond with the Frog~Week Ending 6/30/13

Can you believe it is almost the Fourth of July already?!?! Why does the summer always go so fast? We haven't had many opportunities to go to the pool or enjoy the lake because the weather has been so crappy. Lots of rain, followed by lots of good 'ole Midwest humidity.

Anyway, here's where I was and what I said this week:

If you haven't read my latest on Mamalode, Mommy's Little Healer, please read and share.

Here are some posts that I loved from other bloggers:

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Don't forget to check out the Groovebook App for all your summer photos. Use the code KISSINGTHEGROOVE for your first month free!

Have a wonderful holiday week and stay safe. Hubby warns you to watch out for the peas, cheese, and mayonnaise salads at the picnics!

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