Around the Pond with the Frog~Weeks Endng 9/29/13

There is a wonderful fall chill in the air as I write this. We are planning on a fire and s'mores tonight with some friends. I absolutely love fall - it's my favorite season, but it never seems to last long enough.

I've decided to make my weekly wrap-ups more of a monthly thing. I'm going to be taking on some new projects in October, so I may be blogging a little less. I do have some exciting things planned, for the month of October, though, so do stay tuned.

Here's what I've been writing:
  • After a particularly rough Sunday mass with my toddler, I wrote this.
  • When Hubby returned from the doctor's office with our son with the object she pulled out of his nose, I had to write about it.
  • I wrote a post about how a mom bonds with her sons here.
  • I welcomed Kelly of DeBie Hive for a powerful Grief Story.

Here's what I enjoyed:

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