Around the Pond with the Frog~Weeks Endng 9/29/13

There is a wonderful fall chill in the air as I write this. We are planning on a fire and s'mores tonight with some friends. I absolutely love fall - it's my favorite season, but it never seems to last long enough.

I've decided to make my weekly wrap-ups more of a monthly thing. I'm going to be taking on some new projects in October, so I may be blogging a little less. I do have some exciting things planned, for the month of October, though so do stay tuned.

I'm busy revamping my Pinterest Boards. I have a lot of great collaborative boards that other super talented bloggers Pin to as well. I have a board for my Grief Series and a new Gluten Free Living board. Check them all out here on Pinterest.

Here's what I've been writing:
  • After a particularly rough Sunday mass with my toddler, I wrote this.
  • When Hubby returned from the doctor's office with our son with the object she pulled out of his nose, I had to write about it.
  • I was the featured blogger on Inside the Blogger's Studio on Martinis and Minivans.
  • I wrote a two-part post about how a mom bonds with her sons here and here.
  • I welcomed Kelly of DeBie Hive for a powerful Grief Story.

Here's what I enjoyed:
  • These healthy snack suggestions on Today's Mama by Steph of I'm Still Learning.
  • This post by Jen of PIWTPITT that has solidified my desire to go work for NASA.
  • I loved this skit by BFFs Jimmy and Justin on how ridiculous hashtagging has gotten.
All righty then. PLEASE stay tuned for tomorrow when there will be another HUGE giveaway. Do tell all your friends.

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