Around the Pond with the Frog~Weeks Ending 11/10/13

Here's what I wrote:
  • I told the story of the small fire we had at our house as a cautionary tale (which my old stomping grounds, Her View From Home, cross-posted).
  • I told the story of our first Halloween trick-or-treating with the boys.
  • I made an official announcement of my participation in National Novel Writing Month. It's time to write Joey's story.
  • I shared the CheckedTwice giveaway. You have to check out this great site and enter for a chance to win $500 - both of which will make your holidays easier. You have until 11/18 to enter.

Here's where I was:
  • I was asking "Why?" questions on the Sunshine After the Storm website (Remember, you can still get the book - just follow the Amazon link above).
  • In my latest on Mamalode I talk about my response to those comments people make about moms and their kids.
Finally, my Grief Stories guest, Stacey from Nurse Mommy Laughs, was stealing hearts and causing tears with her heart wrenching story of losing her full-term baby.
Here's what I loved:
  • This important post about doing the right thing in the face of bullying by Tara at You Know It Happens at Your House, Too.
  • Some ecards at Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms.
  • This analysis of the classic Wizard of Oz by Bethany at Bad Parenting Moments.
  • This post about what a little child can teach us about finding the beauty in life by Michelle at They Call Me Mummy.

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