Around the Pond with the Frog ~ August 2014

We are finally to the end of August. I never thought we would get here. My babysitter quit at the beginning of August, and the boys started fighting All. The. Time, and I never thought school would start.

But it finally did.

And now I'm scrubbing woodwork and making appointments with "stagers" so our house can go on the market in a week. I'm kind of freaking out about how to keep it clean and organized with four messy, rambunctious boys around. Oh, who also do this:

Edgie vs. a lawn chair. 5 stitches. And yes, he wanted
a pink band-aid. He's three, so it's okay. He'll forget,
but I'm scarred for life.

Anyway, I did manage to make words this month, so here's what you might have missed:

September is going to be a big month. Our house goes up for sale, I have some great books to review for you, and it's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, so I'm trying to cook something up for that. Please stay tuned. I love having you here!

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