Around the Pond With the Frog ~ July 2014

We're on the downhill slide toward the end of summer. The boys will be heading back to school in about three weeks, and our house will be on the market soon. I'm kind of ready to be in a routine again, and I know the boys are ready to be away from each other and be with their friends.

Since Edgie is potty trained now (check out my best tips here), he'll be going to preschool with the boys, which gives me two days a week to myself - yay!

Here's what you might have missed last month around the pond:

  • Shortly after Edgie turned three, I heard the term "threenager." Read here how he fits the bill.
  • I have a habit of yelling at people who are driving too fast through parking lots and down the street. Village idiots? Maybe. Read about it here.
  • I finally wrote about Slim's recent Autism diagnosis. There's so much to learn, but he'll keep me on my toes. Read about it here.
  • Here I shared a silly story about how I feel like everyone's staring at us in church.
  • I dusted off an old post from my first year of blogging. Read here about some promises I made to my sons.
  • I partnered with MomAssembly, an awesome website with a catalog of over 500 parenting videos by experts in the field. They are offering a free month's worth of videos to the first ten people who sign up through my site. Browse their selection, and I'm sure you will find something that will pique your interest.

And finally, my two July Mamalode pieces were:

  • One Mom's (Totally Unrealistic) Bucket List - a post about a lot of things I'd like to do some day, some more likely than others. You can read that here.
  • I Faced My Fear of Heights for Him - a post about how Joey and his cancer made me do something I fear. You can read that here
I'm going to be super busy this month getting a few more things packed up and getting the house in tippy top saleable shape. Wish me luck.


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