Don't Forget Average

Sometimes I feel like I have an upper hand in my sons' education because I was a teacher for eight years.

Other times I feel like I have NO clue what I am doing because I was not a special education teacher or an autism expert or a teacher of gifted children.

I was just a regular average teacher of regular average children.

And that's okay. Mostly.

As a mother to four boys, I have a variety of learners in my house. I have one who picks things up quickly, I have one who struggles in every aspect of his education, I have one with autism and as such he is brilliant in some areas and severely lacking in others, and I have one regular average child who does regular average things.

In trying to meet the needs of the first three, the fourth gets overlooked sometimes. While I'm sure he will be fine, it's not always fine to assume that he will.

Regular average children aren't always as they seem. Some, like my son, have hidden issues that they are trying to cover up by being average and fine and regular.

Don't misunderstand me - sometimes that really is just fine. Average is fine and good, but if there is a possibility that I or one of his teachers can inspire him to be more, to try harder, and aspire to be more than just fine and average? I think that's great!

I'm talking about it on Her View From Home today. You can read about it here.

Here is another one of my recent posts there that hopefully gives comfort to those who have lost a pregnancy or baby.

I hope you'll read both and share with someone who may need to hear it.


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