It's Not All Tears and Sadness

I've been writing a lot of melancholy posts lately. There's no doubt that this time of year, more than at any other, makes me think of my dear sweet little boy who I am missing terribly.

And it also doesn't escape my notice that when I write about Joey, I get a lot of responses - thankfully, positive and supportive. I write about him because it's my way of remembering him or making sure I never forget what we went through. It's a lot cheaper than therapy, too, and much better feedback.


Despite sadness that plagues me especially hard this time of year, I have had a really good week. One of my goals for a while has been to have a piece published on Mamapedia. I have found some really great bloggers from their reposts on that site. I have submitted seven times - seven times - and heard nothing. Finally, I heard back. And even though the editor chopped it up a bit, I finally made my Mamapedia debut. You can read my Mamapedia post here.

I was thrilled to have such a nice response. And I welcome anyone who is new here from finding me at Mamapedia. I hope you'll stick around for some serious, some silly, and mostly real looks at our life.

Then, because I thought it looked like fun and because I love Kim, I took some silly pictures of our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie Oodle and sent them to her other blog, Elf Shaming. Here is the cute post she wrote about him. Totally rated G, of course; but while you're there, browse around at what some other naughty elves are up to. I promise it will help relieve some of your holiday stress and sadness.

And then, so exciting, The Huffington Post ran some of Kim's naughty elves, and mine was one of them! Okay, so my elf made it to the Huff Po before I did, but he's a little more ambitious than me.

And my boys, my real-life boys . . . they've been fun this week. Oh, I must admit it wasn't too fun when the third-grade teacher was waiting to tell me that Slim said Dammit to one of the other kids in the bathroom on Tuesday (Hubby and I are still deciding whose fault that is. I'll let you know when we decide. It's his.). And a certain small child has learned how to say no, shake his head, and stick out his tongue (again, fault is being located, but my money is on certain older brothers).

But, I'm filled with sweetness and love for all the guys in my house this week. I'm looking forward to a joyous holiday in which some good memories are made and remembered.

Love to you all and happy holidays (but don't worry, you'll hear from me sooner).
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