9 Things I love About My Two-Year-Old

The older boys are all back in school (oh ma gah- finally!), and I am alone all day with my two-year-old, Edgie.

You guys, I’m totally falling in love with him all over again! He is the Robin to my Batman. The Tonto to my Lone Ranger. The Gilligan to my Skipper (why can’t I think of any girl duos here?).

He is totally my little buddy, and I love it!
His toes included!!

To be fair, he’s always been a sweet, easy-going little kid; although he does throw the occasional two-year-old tantrum. And he does get in my way like a small lap dog, sitting on my feet as I blow-dry my hair and crawling into my lap when I am at the computer.

But the things I adore about him far outweigh those little annoyances.
  1. He’s totally cool with any type of activity. Whether it’s taking a walk, playing at the park, running errands, watching Sesame Street, or playing with cars while I shower, he never complains.
  2. He’s easy to cook for and clean up after. I don’t have to get out a smorgasbord of ingredients and foods for lunch anymore. He’s pretty simple. He eats the same thing for lunch every day; and sometimes, he will even get his own snack (he’s seen how the brothers do it).
  3. He’s okay with cuddling next to me if I have to be on the computer. I usually save my computer time for the late afternoon. Oftentimes, he will fall asleep next to me. A good way for him to get in a much-needed nap and give me some quiet time to work.
  4. He likes to help me with house work. I love this about two-year-olds! Everything is new and fun and interesting to them. The fact that Edgie loves to imitate adults totally works to my advantage. He’ll put clothes in the dryer, bring me something from the other room, help put toys away, and take clean dishes out of the dishwasher.
  5. He suggests outings we should go on. Just the other day, after being stuck inside all morning long, he grabbed his shoes and mine and said, “Go to store?” Okay, sure, I could be up for a little shopping. Get the kid a cookie and he’s golden!
  6. While he’s so cute, especially when he’s being naughty, his blatant behavior makes him totally bustable! In the picture below, I was going to the bathroom and right next to me, Edgie was painting the sink, counter, and mirror with soap.  
    Umm, hello? I’m right here, Little Dude. When I asked him what he was doing, he adorably replied, “Nuthin.’”
  7. He’ll follow me around the house like a little puppy. Since I only have one at home, I’m going to take advantage of the time to get things done. I never really have to worry about where Edgie is because he's usually right next to me. As long as he is in the same room as me, he rarely complains.
  8. I’m never bored or lonely. I was worried that after the masses left the house every morning, the lack of chaos would be a little too deafening. But Edgie is interesting enough to keep me entertained, and he’s a really good listener to boot (in fact, I need to watch what I say when I’m driving).
  9. He keeps me honest. He’s somewhat of a little backseat driver. “Mommy, buckle your seat belt,” he’ll say as soon as we get in the car. “Mommy, can I have one, too?” He sniffs me out when I’m eating a treat every single time. “Go get brothers?” He’s my timekeeper when I’m engrossed in something else.

I’m really trying not to take advantage of his easy-going nature. Admittedly, I may have just a bit this week because I was working on a project (that I’m so excited to tell you about!) and I had to get it done. Consequently, Edgie and Elmo spent a lot of time together.

But, I’m cherishing this time. I’ve never had just one at home at a time, and it’s pretty cool.

Until it’s not . . .


…to be continued.
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