Introducing Some Super Cool Lady Writers

About two weeks ago, I told you about my new status as a Super Cool Lady Writer and how I'm flexing my comedy chops in an upcoming book, I Just Want to Be Alone. 

With me in the book are some old friends, bloggers I regularly read and share on my Facebook page. I'm also really enjoying getting know some other bloggers I've just "met." They are all super hilarious, and I want you to meet them, too. They have spilled secrets and are making us all laugh. Read on to see what they have to say about all sorts of very important topics.

Q: How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  • My blog's name is "You're my favorite today" because it's something I regularly say to one of my children. But only one of them.  -- Michelle Newman, You're my favorite today.
  • My blog's name is "Abby Has Issues" because a) I'm a magazine editor/writer and b) I have serious issues. See what I did there? --Abby Heugel, Abby Has Issues
  • My first blog name was "Momsenory," which is new-agey and stupid, so I went with "Ninja Mom" instead because I'm a ten-year-old boy. The moral of the story is, blog names are hard. - Nicole Leigh Shaw, NinjaMomBlog.com
  • I didn't. The Hubs did. I said I wanted to start a blog and I was going to call it something like Jen's Musings or Just Jen and the Hubs said those were terrible names. He said, "You're always saying you want to punch so and so in the throat. That should be name of your blog and then you can rant about anything you want."  - Jen - People I Want to Punch in the Throat
  • There was a country song a few years back and a the singer said she was the keeper of the Cheerios.  But Fruit Loops are much funnier. - Christine, Keeper of The Fruit Loops.
Q: What is your biggest daily accomplishment?
  • Brushing my teeth before noon. No, I'm not kidding. --Stephanie,
  • WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion.com 
  • Making it until bedtime. — Leanne Shirtliffe, IronicMom.com
  • Surviving. - Deva Dalporto, MyLifeSuckers
  • I'm trying to think of something I accomplish on a daily basis... thinking... thinking... Really, the only thing I can truly be counted on to do with any regularity is wake up. But not necessarily on time. -- Robyn, HollowTreeVentures.com
  • My motto is..."It's 3:00. Have you showered yet?" I'm about 50/50 on most days. -- Stacey Hatton, NurseMommyLaughs.com
Q: If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be? 
  • "Express Yourself" Salt n Pepa..and I'm certain I'd be asked to leave the show immediately." Andrea C. The Underachiever's Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess
  • "Don't Rain on My Parade" from Funny Girl- Rebecca Frugalista Blog (I'm a sucker for a show tune.)
  • Any song but "Let it Go". I'm the only Mom in America who hasn't seen Frozen and doesn't know the words to that song. -Bethany Meyer, I Love Them the Most When They're Sleeping
  • Karoke is more my style...but if I was on the big stage I would sing "My Love Don't Cost a Thing" just to get on J. Lo's good side (and for future reference, her "good side" is her left because that's next to Harry Connick Jr.) -Katie, Somewhat Sane Mom
Q: When was the last time you cried? 
  • At "The Lego Movie." Shut up, you don't know my life. - Nicole Leigh Shaw, NinjaMomBlog.com
  • Last week.  When a Mean Mom made me cry for doing what she thought was a suck ass job.  So I blogged about it.  And now who's crying, bitch?  Christine- Keeper Of The Fruit Loops
  • Yesterday. We watched Cars for the first time and all I could think was, oh hell no! Winning IS everything. And then I cried because I realized my kids were going to grow up and be a-holes like me. - Lynn, The Nomad Mom Diary
  • I spilled milk the other day. Ellen, Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms
  • Angry mother bears do not cry. Next question? - Magnolia Ripkin
Q:  What do you think about when you are alone in your car?
  • I don't remember what I think about when the people in front of me are slow all the time. I just hate them and wait for a passing opportunity. Then I think I might have road rage. - Magnolia Ripkin
  • I find myself writing in my head a lot when I drive, since I can't over-think it (um, I'm driving, so I need to focus on that). It helps the most important ideas float to the surface. - Kim Bongiorno, Let Me Start By Saying
  • I finish arguments with more witty comebacks than I did in real life. - Rebecca Frugalista Blog
  • NOT IN THIS ORDER: Gotta get to work, gotta grab groceries, gotta be at the school by 3, gotta get to the laundramat, gotta mail the bills, gotta go, gotta go...NEED COFFEEEE. - Andrea C. DG
Q: Which character from Friends would you do and why? 
  • Joey. Best pickup line ever "how you doin'?" Meredith, From Meredith to Mommy
  • Fun Bobby.  Because Sober Bobby sucked.  -Christine, Keeper of The Fruit Loops
  • Chandler, because I always go for the nerdy ones who do some job no one else can explain. - Lynn, The Nomad Mom Diary
  • Chandler Bing, because no one quite understands what I do for work, I'm sarcastically defensive, and people often ask if my name is really my name. - Kim Bongiorno, Let Me Start By Saying
  • Monica, because she's a spaz and I'm spaz and I actually think she was the funniest of them all.  Katie-Somewhat Sane Mom
  • Mike Crapbag. You know, Pheobe's boyfriend played by Paul Rudd. - Amy Flory, FunnyIsFamily.com

 Q: When was the last time you did a happy dance?  

  • Last night, and every night, for those five minutes when all of the kids are simultaneously sleeping.  -- Robyn, HollowTreeVentures.com
  • In Florida, when I got Jen's email saying I was allowed to be in I Just Want To Be Alone.  I may have violated the waiter and earned a restraining order with said dance but it was worth it.  Christine, Keeper of The Fruit Loops
  • Last night when the never ending HS choir concert was over and I got to go home and pour a glass of wine. - Michelle, You're my favorite today. 
  • When my husband came home with double fudge Oreos. It doesn't take much to make this mom of five happy-Kristen, Life On Peanut Layne
  • I don't do happy dances. It would make me pee involuntarily. -A.K. Turner, AKTurner.com
Again, here are links to ALL the Super Cool Lady Writers' blogs.

When you're finished laughing, order our book! Click the picture below to order in paperback or Kindle on Amazon.

It's also now available for order on iTunes right here.

The official release date is March 22nd. I can't wait!!

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